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Lost and found cats in Sydney can be a difficult and emotional experience. The City of Sydney has estimated that there are approximately 57,000 cats in the metropolitan area, and the number of lost and found cats is significant. While it can be an extremely difficult time for pet owners, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure a successful reunion.

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Sydney Council Lost Cats

For anyone who has lost or found a cat the first step is to contact their local council. Councils in Sydney have dedicated staff who are trained to help reunite lost cats with their families. The council will take down details of the cat, such as its description, the area it was last seen and any distinguishing marks. In some cases, the council may also require a photograph of the cat. If the cat is chipped, they can provide the owner’s contact details.

Cat Owners Should Contact Their Local Vets

To make sure they are aware of the situation. If the cat is microchipped, vets can use the chip to reunite the cat with its owner. Additionally, pet owners should contact their local animal shelters and rescue groups, as these are the most likely places where a lost cat may turn up.

The Most Important Thing To Remember Is To Spread The Word

Cat owners should post flyers in their local area, as well as share information on social media. They should also make sure to talk to their neighbours, as cats can easily wander into other people’s backyards. If the cat has a collar with contact details, it is important to make sure that the information is up to date.

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"The alert and Facebook boosts help raise awareness of Baechu being missing by reaching out to a large number of people within a targeted area."

Danny - Oran Park NSW 

Lost Cats in Sydney on Facebook

There are too many Facebook pages and groups dedicated to cats to mention here. If you are on social media, search and post to local groups. You will get a post on our Facebook Page (+19,000 followers) automatically that you can share to groups like Lost Pets Sydney & Sydney Lost And Found

Never Give Up Hope

Cats can wander far and wide, and can even survive for long periods of time without food or water. If a cat has gone missing, there is always a chance that it will eventually turn up. With a little bit of effort and perseverance, it is possible to be reunited with your beloved cat.

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