Lost and Found Cats - A Comprehensive Guide

Magnifying glass with paw prints leading to black cat

Every year, thousands of cats are reported lost or found in Australia

With the number of cats that are reported lost or found in Australia each year, it is important to know how to best locate and care for a lost or found cat. Unfortunately, many cats are never reunited with their owners.

The first step to take when you find a lost or found cat is to ensure that the cat is safe. Take the cat to a vet or animal shelter to have it scanned for a microchip. If the cat has a microchip, the shelter or vet can identify the owner and arrange for the cat’s safe return. If the cat does not have a microchip, you will need to take further steps to find the owner.

Post details of the lost or found cat online

Posting on local lost and found pet groups on social media and pet classifieds sites is a great way to reach a wide audience. Be sure to include a clear photo of the cat and a detailed description of its appearance and personality, to help the owner identify it. Lost Pet Finders will create a post automatically once your cat is registered.

Once you have posted online, it is important to inform your local council. Councils often have a lost and found register which can help reunite the cat with its owner. In some areas, councils will also provide a trapping service if the cat is not microchipped and cannot be identified.

Found Cat in Salisbury Heights

"OMG it is our cat Magnus..reunited after almost 2 years, alot of happy tears. Absolutely amazing"

Susan - Salisbury Heights, SA

If you are able to safely contain the cat

You may wish to take it into your own home as a foster pet. This allows the cat to receive proper nutrition, exercise, and socialisation while you search for its owner. If you are fostering the cat, it is important to post online and inform the council that the cat is in your care, as the owner may contact them.

It is important to provide the cat with food, water, and shelter

If the cat is friendly, you may wish to offer it a warm place to sleep indoors. If the cat is shy or frightened, providing a safe outdoor shelter or cat house may be the best option.

When a lost or found cat is reunited with its owner

It is important to celebrate the success! Cats are loved and cherished members of our families, so it is natural to feel a sense of relief and joy when a lost cat is found.

Lost cats in Australia are an unfortunate reality, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure that cats are reunited with their owners. By taking the right steps, and with a little luck, a lost or found cat can be reunited with its family.

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