Australia's lost and found pets near me

On Facebook and Web

Below we have collected the wealth of resources to help you locate your missing pet or find owners of your found pet as quickly as possible. With over a decade of experience helping lost pets we have come up with the best tools and strategies you can use to bring your beloved animal home to you safe and sound.

Some of the key steps you need to take to have your cat, dog, rabbit or even bird back quickly include visiting pounds, contacting local vets, posting flyers, creating a listing on Australia's lost pet registers on Facebook and Web, but where do you start? We help you navigate the large number of Facebook lost pet registers and resources available in Australia as of course you want your lost or found pet report on all of them.

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Lost and Found Cats

Most useful methods to search for a lost cat and find owners of a found cat

Lost and Found Cats Australia | Lost Pet Finders

Lost and Found Dogs

Best dog finding techniques and ways to find a found dog's family

Lost and Found Dogs Australia | Lost Pet Finders

Lost and Found Birds

Highly effective ways to track your missing bird and reunite a found bird

Lost and Found Bird Australia | Lost Pet Finders