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Australia is home to millions of cats and while most of them are loved and cared for by their owners, some cats do get lost. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to locate a lost cat, so many cat owners turn to Facebook to help reunite them with their furry friends.

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Should You Post A Pet To Facebook?

Lost and found cat posts on Facebook are a great way for pet owners to get the word out that their cat is missing and to find out if anyone has seen their cat. These pages are managed by members of the public and volunteers who work to reunite cats with their owners. Register for a post to one of our popular Facebook pages.

You will need to search on Facebook to find them all but some of the most popular are:

A more comprehensive list can be found on our Lost and Found Pets Facebook page.


Sometimes a post is not enough. Boosting allows you to create an advert from your listing that targets Facebook users in the local area up to 15km with ads of your cat showing in timelines for up to 3 days. 

Not Everyone Is On Facebook

This is a common complaint for a lot of lost cat owners. Your post will not reach everyone but it will connect with a lot of people dedicated to reuniting lost cats. These wonderful people dedicate their time to sharing posts and matching lost and found cats across groups and pages.

Some Don't Want To Join Facebook

Very understandable. Posting on social media can open you up to abuse, cruelty and spamming especially if you provide personally identifiable information or contact information so be cautious. We only post the information related to your cat profile. Communications come to you via our website and your post comments are viewable in your profile so you don't need to join.

Does Posting On Facebook Work?

Short answer, Yes! Exposure is key to finding your lost cat so get to posting.

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