Pet Alerts:

Pet Alerts are an optional paid service. For the list of our FREE services see What We Do.

What is a Pet Alert?

It is an optional paid rapid notification system developed to get the message out about your lost pet in the shortest time possible and increase the chances of it being safely recovered.

  • Email, SMS and Phone Broadcast alert to local Vet, Pounds, Councils, and more
  • Email, SMS and Phone Broadcast alert to our Pet Network Members
  • SMS and Phone Broadcast alert to local households not registered with LPF
  • BONUS: Free Facebook post boost to local users (usual reach 1000+ people) if you opt in for the Pet Alert service


How does it work?

You get an option to set up and pay for your Alert at the end of the pet registration process (more about prices below). The emails go out immediately, the phone calls and the SMS go out between 10am and 7pm. Your receipt will have the list of Pet Professionals included. Your will get the link to your Facebook post and the 'boost' will turn your post into a sposored ad for local Facebook users.

Phone broadcast preview:


*Actual phone message may differ as we refine the messaging service to deliver the greatest impact.


How much does it cost?

Pet Alert

From $14.95

Click on different price options and get an instant obligation free quote for requested location: the coverage areas on map are set up automatically and the numbers of people allowed by the budget are displayed. (More info on how the quote is formed below)


Allows you to adjust the coverage areas manually and get an instant obligation free quote: price and numbers of people included.


FIXED prices from $14.95


Select a fixed price - we show you who we can contact.

PET NETWORK: The coverage area is pre-set to approx. 5km radius.

You will see the number of Vets, Pounds, Councils, etc, Private Members and the area covered.

GENERAL PUBLIC: Closest members are then added if the budget allows.

You will see the number of members of the General public and the area covered.


CUSTOM prices are flexible


Select a coverage area - we show you the price.

PET NETWORK: The coverage area is adjustable to up to 50km.

You will see the number of Vets, Pounds, Councils, etc, Private Members we have within the area.

GENERAL PUBLIC: The coverage area is adjustable to up to 5km.

You will see the number of members of the General public we have within the area.


Alert Map Explanation

Start your search now. Time is critical: 


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Does it work?

Does it work? See our new SUCCESS STORIES everyday.

I just wanted to say thank you for the quality services, for being reliable , quick and with affordable cost. Additionally with all of the Lost Pet Finders Members YOU are very kind and caring – There’s no word to express my appreciation. Thank You

― Ezza & Ricco


Nevil was missing for a total of 7 weeks. During this time we used Lost Pet Finders as a tool in the search for Nevil.
Lost Pet Finders provides an invaluable service for owners of missing pets.
Not only did it aid in the search for Nevil but I also crossed referenced other information from other forms of social media to pass onto members on Lost Pet Finders if I thought there was a chance for them to re-unite with their pets.
Lost Pet Finders is a clear, easy to use site that in my opinion is one of the better sites out there on offer.
We are extremely happy and grateful for the service you provide.

― Rose & Nevil