Lost And Found Cats Near Me

Searching for a lost or found cat in Australia can be a stressful and heartbreaking experience. It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure you have the best chance of finding your beloved pet.

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Search Online

Let's assume you have completed a physical search of the area - next search for lost and found cats online. Filter by postcode or suburb, species, breed, and date. Use Pet Radar to scan to receive matches by email up to 100km. Everyone describes a pet differently so don't be too restrictive with your filters.

Cats On Social Media

There are hundreds of pages and groups for lost and found pets on Facebook (Meta), some local and some national. Find the most popular pages and post your cat there. Most of our pages have 20,000+ followers. Once you have registered your cat a post is automatically created and posted to the relevant page by state. If you don't want to join social media, don't worry, we display user comments within your pets profile. 

Get The Word Out

When searching for lost and found cats online, most cat owners are looking for 2 things: Information about a potential match or to get the word about their cat. It can take several days before someone thinks to register a cat online. Most wait to see if information comes to them. Spreading the word quickly to as many people as possible is a much better solution. A way to do this is with a Pet Alert and Boosting your listing on Facebook. This will ensure people in the area are aware of your cat and who to contact. 

Lost Cat in Templestowe Vic

"Thanks to the network after a month I have finally reunited with my missing cat"

Ben - Templestowe, Vic

Cats can go missing for a number of reasons so it is important to understand the steps that can be taken to ensure that cats are reunited with their owners.



How to find a lost cat

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