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Lost Pet Finders' unique 'Pet Alerts' system allows you to quickly reach out to the best people in your area who can help. Members of our 'Pet Network' include shelters, pounds, vets and councils, and our extended options allow you to contact almost everyone within a defined area.

  • Automate phone calls to those who can help the most
  • Leverage our Network to get results
  • Focus your Alert to a wide or narrow area at your discretion.




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You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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Jo & Molly

Thank you so much. I couldn’t believe it only took less an hour to find Molly after registering on your website!

Jo & Molly

Leon"We were contacted by a neighbour within 40 minutes of the alert being sent out and reunited with our boy. A fantastic service I can't recommend enough!!!"

Rebecca & Leon

Daisy"It was an enormous relief to get Daisy back, and it would not have happened without your service. I hope to not have to use it again, but will not hesitate to do so if necessary.

Cheers & thanks again"

Jen & Daisy

Georgie Girl"My cat has come home. Thank you for this great service. When I was going door to door lots of the people I spoke to said they had received your alert."

Georgie Girl & Megan

Zulu"We lost our beautiful boy about 9 months ago...we were absolutely devastated as we were about to embark on an extended camping trip around Queensland! Thankfully after registering with Lost Pet Finders we were reunited with Zulu after only a few days!! Fully recommend!!"

Candy & Zulu

Marni"I thought I'd never see my bird again, the odds were against me, but thanks to this great site and Lorn Veterinary Clinic, My cheeky Cockateil Marni is back :)"

David & Marni