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Lost Pet Finders' unique 'Pet Alerts' system allows you to quickly reach out to the best people in your area who can help. Members of our 'Pet Network' include shelters, pounds, vets and councils, and our extended options allow you to contact almost everyone within a defined area.

  • Automate phone calls to those who can help the most
  • Leverage our Network to get results
  • Focus your Alert to a wide or narrow area at your discretion.




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  • Free Website Listings
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  • Send Notifications to Vets, Councils, Rangers, Pounds etc.
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REGISTRATION IS FAST AND FREE The first step is to register your pet on the most popular lost & found website in Australia and get it exposed to thousands of people visiting the website every day. It is absolutely free and a good start as once you register your pet you will also be able to print out a LOST PET FLYER immediately and free of charge.


Your next step can make all the difference.


Which is better? A $300 reward or a thousand people aware that your pet is missing for much less.

Are you hoping the person that has possession of your pet stumbles across your listing amongst the hundreds of pet websites and Facebook pages?

Find out why you are wasting your time here.

Our philosophy is the more people that are aware your pet is missing the better chance you have of getting your pet back.

You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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