Lost Cats Melbourne

Our precious furry feline friends are known to wander around by nature. Cats often go missing for a couple of days and then return home – sometimes they find a neighbour with tuna, or a playground with lizards.

All over Melbourne, cats are lost and found by kennels, vets, pounds and everything in between, however contacting them is time consuming in an already stressful time that is your uncertainty as to your kitty’s location.

To solve this issue we innovated the lost and found pet game by implementing our service, that allows you to send a message to the surrounding businesses, clubs, vets, pounds, users, cat enthusiasts and general public so that your search can have the widest reach imaginable – from one side of Melbourne to the other - which often leads to information regarding the location of your cat and as such your reunion with them in your arms again.

We have reunited many lost cats Melbourne residents have found and been looking for, so the proof is in the pudding!

List your lost pet for FREE with us on our website today and let people know the search is on!


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