Wollongong Lost Pets

If you’ve recently lost a pet in Wollongong, the first thing to do is remain calm and start looking for them right away. There are a few steps you can take to find your lost pet.

Start by checking your local neighbourhood. Ask your neighbours if they have seen your pet, and look in any areas where they might hide or congregate, such as bushes, parks, or other nearby properties. If you are unable to locate your pet, consider putting up posters in your area. Include a picture and detailed description of your pet, along with your contact information.

In addition, you can visit your local animal shelter. The Wollongong Animal Shelter is the main organisation in the area dedicated to finding lost pets and rehoming them. You can also contact your local vets and pet stores, as they often have information about lost and found pets.

You can also join online lost pet groups, such as the Wollongong Lost Pet Network on Facebook. This group can help connect you with other pet owners who have lost their animals, and can provide important support and advice.

No matter which of these methods you choose, it is important to stay positive and keep looking for your lost pet. Many animals are reunited with their owners, and there is always hope.

1. Look for posters in the area: Check local businesses, pet shops, parks, and other areas that your pet may have visited. Post a notice yourself with your pet's description, your contact information, and a photo if you have one.

2. Ask around: Ask neighbours, friends, and other pet owners in the area if they have seen your pet.

3. Check the shelters: Visit your local animal shelters and check if your pet has been brought in.

4. Use social media: Create a post on social media with a photo and description of your pet. Ask your friends to share it to help spread the word.

5. Contact local vets: Contact local vets and ask if anyone has brought in a pet matching the description of yours.

6. Set up humane traps: If your pet is not responding to your calls, set up humane traps baited with food in the area where you last saw your pet.

7. Search at night: Pets can be more active at night, so make sure to search your neighbourhood during the night as well.


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