Microchips and Lost Pets

Microchip scan cat


Update the details!

Even if your pet is missing you can still update the chip details provided you have the chip number. You can find the information on who to call on your chip paperwork or using this website: www.petaddress.com.au Alternatively, you can try and call the major Australian chipping companies to find out which one can mark your pet as missing and update your details on their database:


Chip number publicly displayed?

Bad idea! If someone decides to keep your pet, knowing that number will make it easy for them to re-registered the chip into a new name, which in turn will make it very hard for you to get your pet back or prove the ownership. If you have your microchip number provided in the correct field on the website it will not be displayed publicly but will still be searchable in our LOST & FOUND. Vets and other pet professionals can search by it.


No 100% guarantee...

Microchips help but do not guarantee that you will get your pet back, they can fail, migrate and can be removed. There is more than one chip database, a vet or a pound may not have access to the one your chip is registered with. It can take a council pound several days to scan a microchip. Animal rescue organisations may not verify chip details for surrendered pets. And most importantly, chips are no good unless they are scanned.


What to do?

The best thing you can do is make sure the chip details are up to date and the chip is flagged as missing. Do not wait, keep searching, spread the word every way you can including the Pet Alert, check the pounds in person, make sure vets have a record of your pet or better yet ask them to print your Alert out and put it on their noticeboard.