What local councils and pounds to contact if you lost or found a pet

IMPORTANT! It is absolutely necessary that you report your pet missing with your local Council yourself and visit the pounds and animal shelters in person to see impounded pets and pets for adoption!

Click on the appropriate state below to see what Council area your location falls under and where your lost pet will most likely end up.


  • NSW - Look up address
  • ACT - Domestic Animal Services Portal
  • VIC - Look up suburb or address
  • QLD - Find location on the map
  • WA - Find location on the map
  • SA - Look up suburb or address
  • NT - List of Councils
  • TAS - List of Councils



Council Pounds, Animal Holding Facilities and Animal Legislation

Click on your state below to find out which councils have pounds or animal holding facilities, where your pet will most likely end up if picked up by a ranger, what other handy animal services (like hiring a cat cage/cat trap) councils provide and what are their current impounding fees and work hours: