Geelong Pound

When a pet is first found to be lost, more often than not it is found that they find their way home within a couple of days, during this time it is best practice to place posters around your neighbourhood and phone the local areas that store lost animals by nature such as the Geelong pound or Geelong animal shelter.

Many people will take pets they assume are lost and wandering aimlessly to both pounds and animal shelters in Victoria, and especially in Geelong and neighbouring districts like Shepparton & Ballarat.

Knowing who, where and when you need to contact all of these places can be very difficult! So we here at LFP have built a service that allows you to post to our user base of both pounds and animal shelters among many more people such as fellow users in the area all in ONE action. It notifies everyone to let them know who’s missing, what they will answer to calls to, breed, and any other distinguishing or unique characteristic or feature.

We uniquely construct a geo-targeted map to show you who is in the know how, and we also automatically send them your custom message!

Join now and let us help you in your search for your lost pets in Geelong or neighbouring areas.


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