Bendigo Pound

Many pet owners find the most success in the search for their lost pets when they contact local pounds as this is where other pet owners will take wandering or ‘lost’ looking animals. This is no different in your area, if you have checked the Bendigo pound and you’re still on the search for your lost pet, or if you’ve only just noticed the pet has gone missing and you’ve begun your search – welcome to the future of pet detective work.

We here at Lost Pet Finders are pet owners, we love our dog. Losing a pet is one of the most upsetting experiences. Our goal is to reunite you with your pet by facilitating the biggest innovation in searching for pets!

Our service allows you to send out a notification to local veterinarians, breeders, walkers, clubs, businesses, the Bendigo pound, kennels and even your neighbours with a message of your missing pet’s breed, age, distinctive features, name as well as anything else of importance. We do this by phone, email and SMS.

Let us help you reunite you with your pet and list them as lost for FREE now!


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