Lost and Found Service for Perth Birds

Searching for your lost bird in Perth can seem like an impossible task. After all, birds can fly a long distance within hours before they need to rest. Even when they land to rest, you have no guarantees that they will be found. Sometimes, domestic birds will approach humans when hungry, acting friendly and even speaking (if they can). While it can be difficult to recapture a bird, animal rescue centres and pounds assure us that they bring in many birds daily.

Thus, one of your first steps (right after you’ve activated a pet alert with Lost Pet Finders) should be to give your local pound a call and visit them to be sure that your pet is not there. A physical visit is best since verbal descriptions can be misleading, especially with birds. With our interactive lost pet register of lost and found birds in Perth and other Australian cities, we can help to reunite you with your pet bird.

Print lost bird posters and put them up at parks and other areas with lots of trees and many human visitors. Birds are likely to rest here and approach humans for food. Get permission to put up posters at local schools as many kids love to help find lost pets.

If your bird has a microchip, remember to give the relevant register a call so they can add a lost alert to your pet’s listing.

  • National Pet Register - 1300 734 738
  • Petsafe - 02 8850 6800
  • Central Animal Registry - 03 9706 3187
  • NSW Companion Animals Register - www.petregistry.nsw.gov.au
  • Australasian Animal Registry - 02 9704 1450
  • HomeSafeID - 1300 537 140

Expand Search Coverage to Find Birds

When selecting the coverage area for pet alerts, it is wise to expand the search area as far as your budget allows. With budget constraints, it is a good idea to focus your alert efforts on pet network members rather than the general public. Like-minded folks are more likely to keep an eye out for your lost and found bird in Perth than random strangers we believe.

In our experience providing a lost and found bird Perth service has reunited many domestic birds with their owners. Our extensive network of pet owners often goes out of their way to help find a missing pet. We believe the system works because we care about our pets and can put ourselves in the shoes of an anxious human that knows that with each passing hour it gets harder to find a lost bird.

Perth: lost and found bird information

Navigate to our lost and found page to see the latest information on lost and reunited pets. Register your pet today and rest assured that if they get lost, we will be here to reunite pet and owner sooner rather than later. Feel free to give us a call on 1300 725 640 or send us an email via info@lostpetfinders.com.au