How To Find A Lost Bird

Follow our step by step guide to find your lost bird.

Found Lost Bird

Start Listening

If your bird is nearby it will almost always make noises that can be heard, giving direction to look in

Get A Mate To Help

Does your bird have a mate or a partner? Taking another bird out to the area may also help, especially if the other bird is a noisy friend

Keep Calling

If you spot your bird in a tree it most likely wants to get to you but is too frightened or doesn't know how. Continue calling calmly and soothingly to the bird

If You Suspect Your Bird Has Been Stolen

Do not let suspicion of theft limit your search options. If you have proof, contact the local Police

Make Yourself Easy To Reach

Make sure your phone is charged and handy at all times for incoming calls. Check your email SPAM or JUNK box as often as your inbox, vital information can end up there

Search At Dusk And Dawn

The best time for it is morning and late afternoon/evening. These are the most likely times that your bird will come to you

Distribute Flyers

Select Print Flyer under your bird's image. Place them around the area including your neighbours’ mailboxes, local supermarkets, schools, parks, shops, clubs, etc

Leave The Cage And Food Outside

Put food and a familiar cage out where it can be seen by the bird

Reunited Sun Conure

"A kind family found him at Blackrock playground and sent him the Blackrock animal hospital, the doctor searched online and found the post, and called me to check if it was our baby. Yes! We got reunited a day after he was missing! Thank you so much."

Heng - Mentone VIC

Throw Bird Seeds

Throw bird seeds or pellets on top of the roof of your house, on cars, picnic tables, deck, or any place else that is visible. Your bird may land there, see you, and fly back

Follow Up With Vets

Call your local vet and make sure they have a record of your lost bird. Call as many other local vets as possible or issue them a Pet Alert

Talk to Neighbours

Not everyone knows what to do with a found bird or the ability to take it to a vet or a pound. Let people know you are actively looking for your bird by door-knocking or issuing a Pet Alert

File A Lost Report With Council

Call your council and find out if they accept lost bird reports. Make sure they have your current contact details on file

Visit The Pound Or Rescue In Person

If your pound or rescue accepts found birds, do not rely on descriptions given over the phone, online, pictures or microchips, visit them in person

Update Microchip Details

If your bird is microchipped, most microchipping companies encourage people to flag their bird as missing on their database.

More about microchips.

Post On Social Media

We post to Meta (Facebook) once your pet is registered with us. Take advantage of facebook BOOSTING to increase the exposure even further

Share You Post Far And Wide

Share your post to as many local communities as you can. We have a list of lost and found pet pages you can share to.

Keep Checking Lost And Found

Someone may post your bird on our LOST & FOUND page so make sure check regularly. Our Pet Radar will also alert you of a match within your search radius.


Most importantly - The "Secret" to finding any lost bird is to let as many people know as soon as possible.

 How to find a lost bird

Register Your Lost Bird

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