Local Pounds and Shelters in TAS

Breeding, selling or giving away cats 

As a first step to reduce the number of unwanted cats that are euthanased each year, it will be an offence to breed cats unless you are a registered breeder.
Anyone can sell or give away a cat but the animal must be at least 8 weeks of age, microchipped and desexed (unless a care agreement has been entered into), wormed and vaccinated. Cat sales between registered breeders and genuine show cats will be exempt.

Cat management facilities

Cat management facilities will receive stray cats. Cats in their care will be scanned for microchips to establish ownership. They will be required to hold microchipped cats for at least five days and unmicrochipped cats for three days, to provide cat owners with time to look for lost pets. After this time, the cat management facility may rehome, sell or euthanise the animal.

Cat owners

Owners of cats over six months of age are encouraged to have their cat microchipped and desexed. A compulsory microchipping and desexing requirement will be phased in. After this time it will be necessary for cats being reclaimed from a cat management facility to be desexed and microchipped before being released to the owner.
If you are no longer able to care for your cat, or you have found a stray cat, contact your local cat management facility. Cats are not permitted in ‘prohibited areas’, such as national parks and areas under conservation covenants, and Councils may declare other areas to be ‘cat management areas’ and control cats found in those areas.

Cat registration

Registration of cats is not required, unless introduced by your local council.

Excerpt from Government website


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