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How to Find a Lost Bird in Perth & Western Australia

Finding a lost bird can be a stressful and trying experience. If you have recently lost a bird in Perth or Western Australia, the following tips can help you to locate your beloved feathered friend.

1. Contact Local Veterinary Hospitals: If your bird has a microchip, contact local veterinary hospitals to see if anyone has brought them in. Your bird may have been injured, and the vet’s office will be able to tell you if anyone has brought them in. Provide as much detail as you can about your bird, including its breed, colors, and size. You can also use our Pet Alert to quickly notify Pet Professionals in the area.

2. Check Your Neighbourhood: Walk around your neighbourhood and check your local parks and gardens. If you think your bird may have flown a long distance, consider walking a few blocks away from your home and searching in nearby areas. Ask your neighbours if they have seen your bird, and leave your contact information in case someone spots it.

3. Place Posters: Make posters with a picture of your bird and contact information. Place them in nearby pet stores, veterinary clinics, and other local businesses. Include a reward if you wish. Printable flyers are available free after registration.

4. Utilise Social Media: Post pictures of your bird on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ask friends and family to share the post as well.

5. Sign Up for Lost & Found Alerts: Sign up for lost and found alerts with organizations such as Lost Pet Finders. These services offer alerts when a lost pet has been found, and allow you to post a lost pet report.

6. Check Bird Sanctuaries: Contact bird sanctuaries in the area and inquire if anyone has brought in a lost bird that matches the description of your own.

7. Set Up Feeders and Birdhouses: If you think your bird may be nearby, consider setting up a bird feeder and birdhouses in your backyard. This will attract birds of the same species and may draw your lost bird home.

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"Great service. LPF quickly reunited Rocket with his owners Alan and Greg. With a helping hand from Simona as a foster carer for his one night away."

Jane - Coolbinia WA

What to Do with a Found Bird

If you find a lost bird, your first step should be to contact local veterinary hospitals and bird sanctuaries.

If the bird is injured, bring it to a local vet or bird sanctuary, as they will have the experience and resources to properly care for the bird. If the bird is healthy and shows no signs of injury, you can bring it to a bird sanctuary and check with the local authorities to see if the bird has an owner.

Next, consider adding the bird to our lost and found page. Members with a possible match will receive notification of your listing automatically.


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