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For many Australians, birds are an important part of their daily lives. Whether it’s the magpies singing in the morning, the kookaburras laughing in the afternoon, or the cockatoos cawing in the evening, there’s nothing quite like the sound of birds in the air. Unfortunately, birds can become lost and separated from their families, leaving them vulnerable to predators and environmental hazards. In New South Wales, there are several organisations dedicated to finding lost birds and reuniting them with their families.

Lost Pet Finders helps reunite lost and found birds in NSW. Operating since 2001, the organisation uses a network of volunteers to search for missing birds and match them with their families. They also provide advice to owners about how to safely return a lost bird to its family. Lost Pet Finders has been successful in reuniting hundreds of lost birds with their families in the past 23 years.

One of the most common ways to reunite lost pet birds with their owners is through social media and one of the most popular Facebook pages with over 19,000 followers and a 5 star rating is Lost Pet Finders New South Wales

Groups like Lost Pets in NSW & Cockatiels lost and found NSW on Facebook are also worthwhile posting to. A search within facebook should show the groups available.

The NSW Government operates a lost and found pet service. They maintain a list of lost and found birds in NSW, which allows owners to search for their missing pet. The government also provides advice and tips on how to keep a bird safe and how to safely return a lost bird to its family.

The RSPCA also operates a lost and found bird service. They have a dedicated website and hotline that allows owners to report a lost bird. They also maintain a database of lost and found birds, so that owners can search for their missing pet. The RSPCA also provides advice to owners about how to safely return a lost bird to its family.

For anyone who has lost or found a bird in NSW, the organisations listed above are invaluable. They provide a valuable service that helps reunite lost birds with their families, whilst also providing advice on how to keep a bird safe. By utilising these organisations, owners of lost birds can be reunited with their feathered friends and those who have found a bird can help ensure its safe return home.

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