Lost and Found Birds Adelaide: Reuniting Feathered Friends

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Lost Pet Birds in Adelaide, South Australia

An unfortunate reality for bird owners throughout the state. Each year, hundreds of pet birds go missing from their homes, leaving heartbroken owners searching for their feathered friends.

The Reasons For Birds Going Missing

Varies from accidental release, to deliberate theft, to simply flying away and getting lost. Unfortunately, due to their small size and the nature of their flight, many pet birds are never recovered.

Those Who Are Looking For Their Lost Pet Birds

There are a few steps they can take. Searching the area where the bird went missing is one of the first steps, as is posting notices around the neighbourhood and searching for postings of lost birds online. Many pet bird owners also search local shelters and take advantage of social media to spread the word of their lost bird.

Lost and Found Birds Near Me

"Tonight we received a text message from someone who had found an injured cockatiel matching our photo, we picked her up, gave a reward for their honesty and help and have Molly back home. She has a vet appointment tomorrow. Wouldn’t have had such a positive outcome without lost pet finders and the general public. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you"

Mel - Ridgehaven SA

For Pet Bird Owners in Adelaide

The best way to ensure the safety of their birds is to keep them indoors and away from open windows. Additionally, birds should always be kept in a secure cage or aviary, and owners should be careful to check that the locks on their cages are secure.

For those who have unfortunately lost their pet birds, there is still hope. With the help of Lost Pet Finders and other resources, pet bird owners in Adelaide can continue to search for their feathered friends and hopefully be reunited with their beloved birds.


How to find a lost bird

Spread the word about your lost bird

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