How to set up a custom Lost Pet Alert

Follow these easy steps:

1. You must be logged in to the website. Please log in HERE.

2. Click 'Raise an Alert' under your pet's profile picture.

Custom Alert - Raise an Alert


3. Click 'Confirm' to confirm the address your Pet Alert will be centred on. (You can change the address)

Custom Alert - Confirm Address


4. Click on 'Custom Search'

Custom Alert - Custom Search


5. Move the sliders which will change the coverage areas.

Blue circle (top slider) - Pet Professionals (like vets, pounds, and etc.) and our Private Members. We send them emails/sms/phone calls depending on their preference

Red circle (bottom slider) - General Public. We send them phone calls/sms.

Custom Alert - Adjust Sliders


6. Once you are happy with the setup click OFF next to 'I have read and agree to the Terms of use.' it should change to ON.

Custom Alert - Terms of Use


7. Click 'Issue Alert'

Custom Alert - Issue Alert


8. Fill out your card details.

9. Use the promo code field if you were given a promo code (click Apply Code and see the price change). Skip this field if you do not have a promo code.

Custom Alert - Payment Page


10. Click 'Pay Now' and your Pet Alert dispatch should start shortly.




Please refer to our FAQ page or navigate to: