Lost Bird in Keswick is reunited

ID: 129448

I have written a small letter to thank LPF in the website...without them I wouldn't have found Mango. A lady watched Mango fly in to a wall and fall down , so she rescued her and did not know what to do with the bird, someone looked at LPF for her and showed her my post so she emailed me I was so excited and thanked LPF. I'm taking Mango to vet as she may have crop damage she is opening her mouth all the time like she is yawning. Thanku very much I love LPF

Reunited Since 09 Jan 2021
Suburb Keswick
Name Mango
Type Bird
Gender Female
Age 3 years
Desexed No
Breed Cockatiel
Colour Yellow
Size Medium
Microchip No