Found Bird in Yowie Bay is reunited

ID: 126953

Thanks to everyone as due to the flyers printed and attached to every pole in my area and all the help of the wonderful people out there who have shared and reposted Harry Who is now safely home.
Feeling very blessed ❤️

Reunited Since 22 Nov 2020
Suburb Yowie Bay
Name Harry Who
Type Bird
Gender Male
Age 2 years
Desexed No
Breed Budgie
Colour Blue
Size Small
Microchip No



27 Nov 2020, 11:15 PM - AEST

I am so pleased for you and Harry Who. When I get an Alert in my emails, I panic for the owner and often check who has managed to be reunited. Lost Pets service helped me too to get my bird Stubbs home safely. This service is a place where we find the most 'community-minded' and lovely people who all try to do their bit. You can now really enjoy the summer months ahead.