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Lost Pet Finders' unique 'Pet Alerts' system allows you to quickly reach out to the best people in your area who can help. Members of our 'Pet Network' include shelters, pounds, vets and councils, and our extended options allow you to contact almost everyone within a defined area.

  • Automate phone calls to those who can help the most
  • Leverage our Network to get results
  • Focus your Alert to a wide or narrow area at your discretion.

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When it comes to looking for lost pets, we here at Lost Pet Finders are the pet detectives! Whether your precious pooch or furry feline has gone missing in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide or Canberra – we know who you want to speak with about your lost pet and we know how to contact them. Not limited to just capital cities in all of the major states from New South Wales all the way over to Western Australia – regional centres are also registered in our range of pet detectives aiding us to find your lost pets even in rural areas like Geelong, Bathurst or Rockhampton. This service is Australia wide!

Our service allows you to alert the important people in the areas near you, customised to a radius of your estimated distance travelled - to make sure that if someone has found your dog, cat, parrot or any other pet – they’ll know that you’re looking for it and how to get into contact with you. Not limited to just other users of our service, we also send alerts to pounds, vets and kennels to let them know that the search is on!

So if you’re looking for your lost pet, put our pet alerts system to use now and take the smartest step toward finding your pet by allowing us to make you the pet detective on the case.




Merlin a long hair Jack Russel went on an adventure from Stanhope Gardens New South Wales.

"Within 30 minutes of placing the lost pet notice (Pet Alert) we received a phone call from a vet a few suburbs away saying that they had received an automated phone call about a lost dog matching Merlin's description. We jumped straight in the car & were extremely grateful to arrive at the vet and discover that it was him. He was found further away than we ever would have thought to look and taken to a vet that we never would have thought to contact. Because of outdated microchip details, I don't think we would have found him without the service of Lost Pet Finders. As my husband has told everyone this week - it's the best $25 that he ever spent!" Sherene

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