Why Is My Pet Still Missing

Warning: Some of the member feedback below may be upsetting but we think it is best that you are as informed as possible

  • Microchips help but do not guarantee that you will get your pet back
  • Microchips can fail, migrate and can be removed
  • Vets are not obligated to scan for a microchip
  • It can take councils several days to scan a microchip
  • Not all vets have access to the microchip database
  • Microchip companies don’t share information with each other
  • Pets have been re-homed with a working microchip and current contact details
  • Do not rely on verbal descriptions when it comes to pounds or shelters
  • Visit pounds and shelters! Look at impounded pets as well as pets for re-homing
  • Not everyone knows what to do when they find a pet
  • When a pet is found it could be taken to their vet, not yours
  • Some vets are obligated by law to surrender a found pet to the local council pound
  • In some areas it is not law to surrender a found pet to the council pound
  • Do not rely on coucils/pounds ringing you when your pet gets there. Visit them as often as you can!
  • If a family falls in love with your pet it will be harder to get it back
  • Animal rescue organisations may not verify chip details for surrendered pets
  • Some councils will not pick up a found pet. They ask the finder to bring it in
  • Unless a bird is caged some are not interested
  • Have you tried getting help with a found pet? Some just let the pet go through frustration
  • Some people may try and make money with your pet
  • A deceased pet on the side of the road is likley to be moved out of view rather than taken to the council
  • To dispose of deceased pets some councils contract other companies which do not even have microchip scanners
  • Rewards usually do not motivate finders to return your pet and are likely to attract unwanted attention
  • Offering a large reward is part of the loss process (bargaining) but does little to get your pet back
  • If you have searched locally and found nothing it is possible that your pet is much further away

Fortunately there are still good people out there that want to help. Many will go the extra mile to make sure your pet is safe and well, and will try everything for you and your pet to get reunited asap. Stay positive, but do not fully rely on the system to bring you your pet back. Keep searching!

There may be a few factors preventing your pet from coming home that is why we have the largest network of pet lovers here to help you.

Mika"This young couple kept hearing Mika meowing and when they went out, they found her on the roof of an elderly couple's house who lived on the street behind them. Luckily the elderly lady was part of the lost pet finders network and had received a call from your company notifying her of Mika so she recognized her and returned her to us. Thank you so much for your services! Worth every cent!

Nishita & Mika

Moët"Moët went looking for his owner on the 1st November only trouble was the fact she was in Bali. Moët walked from Fremantle to Murdoch as he lives in the East of Perth. We placed the Alert in Bali and within 30 mins he was sighted. we continually had hits for the next 4 hours after a 24 hour walk he was reunited with his sitter and his owner went on to have a great holiday."

Elizabeth & Moët

Tinky"I was so incredibly thrilled when I got my cat Tinky back. I loved how on your website there are so many questions to be answered as you and your team at lost pet finders want to guarantee us that are beloved pets will be brought home.

Thank you"

Kimmy & Tinky

Kostya"Lost pet finders was a great service and we would definitely use it again for any of our other pets. Without the the phone calls to our neighbour's it's possible Kostya wouldn't have made it back home. Thanks again for your help" 

Leighton & Kostya

Oscar"Knowing I had Oscar listed on Lost Pet Finders was important to me when he went missing as it meant that word of his disappearance reached out much further than I could of accomplished with just my online contacts alone.

A broad reach is important as just because your much loved pet goes missing from your neighbourhood, in the event they have been stolen they could end up anywhere." 

Kennedee & Oscar

Jasper"I was frantic after Jasper's enclosure was damaged after a storm and he slipped out. Unbeknownst to us, a lovely lady across the bush reserve behind us was feeding him thinking he was a wild fox. Once she spotted his collar she called the council, who had my details thanks to your service. Since reuniting with my darling boy we've added more security measures to his enclosure, put two more trackers on his collar and have a camera on him 24/7. I'm bombarding you with these photos I'm afraid! Jas does modelling for Sydney Fox Rescue and has appeared on Channel 7 news as well so lots of glamour shots. Cheers and thanks again

Mairi, Jasper & family