What to expect now that you are registered with LPF?

What to expect?

    Your pet will be publicly displayed in our LOST & FOUND for as long as you need.
    You will be getting emails from us with our best tips on how to maximise your search, you can opt out of them at any time.
    You may get a message via the website, so check your email spam/junk box regularly in case the message ends up there.
    You may get a sighting or a lead reported via your Facebook post, so check it regularly and let people know you are the owner by commenting or tagging yourself.
    You will be receiving email reminders about your listing, as we try and keep our database up to date.
    LPF community is based on the mutual help and support of its members. Please consider before opting out by switching your settings off in your Pet Alert tab.

I have issued a PET ALERT. What to expect?


  • Your Pet Alert EMAILS will go out immediately after your payment.
  • Your Pet Alert PHONE CALLS AND TEXTS will go out asap between 10 am to 7 pm.
  • Your pet will get a FACEBOOK POST on one of our walls within a few hours. You will receive an email with instructions on how to find your post.
  • Your post will get a FACEBOOK BOOST automatically, which means it will appear on local facebook users’ timelines as an ad at no extra cost.
  • You will receive a RECEIPT for your Alert with the information on who we contacted and what Pet Professionals were included.
  • As a result of the Alert you may receive a call from a PET PROFESSIONAL or a member of public, so keep your phone handy and charged.
  • As a result of the Alert asking your NEIGHBOURS to check their sheds and garages you pet may get released and will make its way back home.
  • You may get a sighting or a LEAD reported in your Facebook post comments, so check them regularly and let people know you are the owner. 
I haven’t issued a PET ALERT. What is a PET ALERT?


  • Pet Alert is a rapid mass notification system that helps you canvass the local area with emails, phone broadcasts and SMS with the description of your pet.
  • It goes out once and the price depends on how big of an area you like to target and how many contacts we have within it.
  • We can target our Private Members, Pet Professionals (like vets, pounds, councils and etc), as well as the General Public who are not members of our website but reside in the immediate area.
  • As an additional service, we also post the Pet Alert on our Facebook automatically and boost the post, which means that we sponsor the post so that it appears on local facebook users’ timelines as an ad.
  • Pet Alert is an optional service and you do not need to use it for your pet to be displayed on the website, but if you wish to issue one for your Pet you can always do so by clicking ‘Raise an Alert’ under your pet’s picture in Your Account.

  • We have really great results with the Pet Alert service. Just check our REUNITED PETS page.


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