What to do if your pet has been missing for a while

If your pet has been missing for a few days, these are the things you must keep doing. Are you doing them all?

When your pet goes missing, you will experience a flood of emotions: panic, terror, grief, and frustration – to name just a few. But as time goes by, these raw emotions can give way to an even worse feeling: helplessness.

After a few days (or more), you’d be forgiven for assuming the worst, but don’t give up. As awful as it sounds, if your pet was lying at the side of a road somewhere, you would have found them by now.

Instead, refocus your efforts on finding your beloved pet, using these points as a guide.

1. Make your appeal visible

Several times a day, post photos of your pet with ‘MISSING’ captions on every social media account you have access to. Tag any public or private animal shelters in your area and ask friends to share your updates. Lost Pet Finders can help you get the word out to a wide community of animal lovers.

2. Extend your search area

By now, your pet could have wandered off to the next town or been moved between homes or shelters once or twice. Increase the size of your search area.

3. Keep posting flyers

Keep putting up lost pet posters where you can. Be careful as you can cop a fine for posting in some areas.

4. Lost pet insurance

If your pet is insured, check the policy, There might be a clause that can assist financially.

5. Make friends with your local pound

Avoid heartbreak by making yourself known to the local pound so that you are the first person they call when your dog or cat comes in.

6. Keep calling vets

Every week, call every single vet within a 60 mile radius just in case your pet has been brought in by a kind stranger.

7. Make it public

Ask local radio stations, TV stations and newspapers to advertise your missing pet in a prominent slot.

8. Check the classifieds

Comb the local classified ads especially on Facebook. If someone is trying to sell your pet on, they are likely to wait at least a few days before posting a ‘for sale’ ad.

9. Don’t give up

Your pet needs you to keep on looking for them, so don’t lose faith. Keep trying until you get an answer.

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Froggie & Sue"Thank you Lost Pet Finders for helping bring Froggie home - missing for 10 (very long) days

Froggie & Sue

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Sumedha & Fluffy

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Jessica & Angus

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Steph & Millie

Bella"Thanks for all your help and support to help find bella." 

Tam & Bella

Jessica & Levi"Thanks to your efficient service Sonny was reunited with our family.

Jessica & Levi