Search Dog Pounds in Sydney for Your Missing Pet

When dogs run away from home or disappear in the middle of walks in the woods, your first impulse will likely be to retrace your steps (or the dog's steps) to try to find your missing friend. However, it's also important to consider the possibility that someone else may have already found your dog.

Indeed, at Lost Pet Finders, we often find that lost dogs will often end up in dog pounds in Sydney. Dozens of dogs are brought into pounds in Sydney each day, usually because they wandered away from their homes or owners and ended up too close to busy roads or in otherwise dangerous spots. As such, it's important to include local dog pounds in your search for your pooch.

Luckily, at Lost Pet Finders, we have an easier way to go about things than calling every pound within a 50-kilometre range. With our Pet Alert service, you can target the pounds in your area by sending them a description of your dog, key identifying information and your contact details. We can deliver these alerts via email, phone or text, to maximise the likelihood that someone at the pound will get the message and know to keep an eye out for your dog. If your dog does get brought into a dog pound in Sydney, you should get a phone call ASAP.

At Lost Pet Finders, we hate seeing dogs and owners separated. However, thanks to our Pet Alert service and its focus on local dog pounds in Sydney, we have been able to reunite many owners with their dogs (and vice versa). To learn more, call us on 1300 725 640.