Lost Cat in Balcatta is reunited

ID: 90440

Hi all, thanks to everyone sharing our list pet alert and your kind support.

We are so relieved to say that we followed peoples suggestions, left food out, left the garage door ajar and did a few checks in the night (when it’s quietest) and thankfully Rupert made his way back into the garage.

I finally found him at 5am this morning on one of my insomnia patrols and although pretty distressed, dehydrated, dirty and obviously exhausted, he otherwise seems fine.

He managed to drink some water and have a bit of food which is a good sign, before crawling under his favourite bed to rest.

Clearly he’s had a big adventure and one I don’t think he’ll forget in a hurry. Rest assured we’ll keep our eye on him in case he needs a follow up check with our vet.

Thanks again to all. Our 3 year old Teddy is very happy to have his little mate back.

Reunited Since 12 Feb 2019
Suburb Balcatta
Name Rupert
Type Cat
Gender Male
Age 7 years
Desexed Yes
Breed Ragdoll
Colour White
Size Big
Collar Black collar with black circular tag
Microchip Yes


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