Simba is reunited

ID: 77596

Thank you for raising the alert. The push to your wider community helped the local council go on a search and they found him!!!!
Thank you to all of you who pushed this search out far and wide, because of that we have been inundated with responses and found Simba!!!!! This is testament to the power of community and I urge, if you ever have an experience like this, use ALL the tools!!! Aside from the mass call out to all animal precincts as far as you can find, putting up posters on every pole, knocking on all doors, you MUST take to the crazy world of social media. If there is one good thing it aids, is community empathy in hard times! A special thanks to the amazing communities at The Hungarian Vizsla Club of Victoria, Lost Pet Finders Victoria and all the community dog pages that helped the process, we couldn’t have got here with out you all!!! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone that gave us your time! We couldn’t be happier! Much love xxxxxxxx

Reunited Since 08 Jul 2018
Suburb Abbotsford
Name Simba
Type Dog
Gender Male
Age 7 years
Desexed No
Reward 800.00
Breed Vizsla
Colour Tan
Size Big
Collar Red Collar, no tag attached
Microchip Yes


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