Lost Cat in Coombs is reunited

ID: 152687

Thanks to you, and reading the reunited post, that gave me hope, reassuring me that I should continue to call out to her and put food out, I finally heard her meow back to me.

Mishka fell or jumped of my balcony over 24hrs ago and there had been a massive thunder storm 2hrs before I heard her meow back to me with her food.

Thank you so much, I had hang rspca, who didn't even check their data base and told me to email them, which has not even been listed yet I'm so grateful for your speedy response to posting this amd giving me the tools I needed to find so late at night.

Reunited Since 08 Feb 2022
Suburb Coombs
Name Mishka
Type Cat
Gender Female
Age 7 years
Desexed Yes
Breed Unknown
Colour Black
Size Medium
Collar No collar
Microchip Yes