Lost Cat in Kew is reunited

ID: 141579

Thank you so much. I'm so happy that I just found her! I put her favourite food in the front yard and the backyard and she must have smelled it, because when I went outside the backyard, she popped up from underneath the house. She must have snuck out when I was in the garden, she was so fast. So is usually an indoors cat and never goes outside, so I was so worried. I'm so relieved now, as I walking up and down the street with her favourite food, calling out for her. I'm so grateful that she's back, we are a family again. Thank you to your site, for printing out posters and for all the tips on the Facebook site about food and putting out their belongings so that pets can smell them. I put her scratching post out the backyard, next to the food, too. I'm so relieved I can finally stop crying, now. I'll make sure she'll be safe, healthy and warm, always.

Thanks again for your help.

Reunited Since 06 Aug 2021
Suburb Kew
Name Chiquita
Type Cat
Gender Female
Age 3 years
Desexed Yes
Breed Unknown
Colour Tabby
Size Medium
Microchip Unknown