Lost Bird in North Ipswich is reunited

ID: 140356

Whoever created this website, must be sent from above! You not only save these poor lost animals lives, you save the life of the owner who is lost without them...Today, your help saved not only my little chicken nugget Alex, but also, you've saved me ... So from the bottom of my heart I thankyou! Thankyou so much everyone for your help in getting Alex home. I can't thankyou enough.

Reunited Since 14 Jul 2021
Suburb North Ipswich
Name Alex
Type Bird
Gender Male
Age 5 years
Desexed No
Reward 100.00
Breed Alexandrine Parakeet
Colour Green
Size Medium
Collar Green feathers, big read beak,black ring around neck with tinge of red on back of neck and tops of wings
Microchip No