Lost Cat in Vermont South is reunited

ID: 128951

A post was made on reddit that redirected the poster to this site. The person contacted us to say she's been coming to his place a few times a day to eat. I am so grateful they were leaving food and water for her otherwise she would not have survived! I went to the address (about 5 mins drive from my home!) and at about 9pm was calling for Suki. She came running to me the moment I called her.

I am so grateful to have her home! She's lost a lot of weight but is so happy to be home she won't leave our side!

Reunited Since 23 Jan 2021
Suburb Vermont South
Name Suki
Type Cat
Gender Female
Age 4 years
Desexed Yes
Breed Ragdoll
Colour Brown
Size Big
Microchip Yes