Found Bird in Woodville North is reunited

ID: 121363

He is baaaack... safe and sound! Thank you to Lost Pet Finders and everyone for sharing my posts across all the groups and for the lovely messages of support and suggestions. He was sighted this morning and many hours were spent trying to lure him down from local trees with treats. A massive thank you to the team at Caspers Rescue for their support and advice over the phone today! I have just sent you guys a PM. A special thanks goes to our SA Metropolitan Fire Service for coming out and doing a bird rescue. He got drenched with overspray of water (not directly on him) to render him flightless. Finally safe in my arms, he is now very tired but safe & warm at home ❤️❤️

Reunited Since 31 Jul 2020
Suburb Woodville North
Name Sasha
Type Bird
Gender Male
Age 1 years
Desexed No
Breed Galah
Colour Pink, Grey
Size Medium
Microchip No


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