Pet Rescue

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows what an important role they play in life. Pets are part of the family, which is why it’s so upsetting when a much-loved animal goes missing. Likewise, a pet that has strayed from home may also find itself in distress, particularly if it’s in an unfamiliar area and at risk of illness, injury, dehydration and malnutrition.
If you find a lost dog, cat, bird or other domestic pet, the action you take can be pivotal in ensuring its immediate health and safety and helping to reunite it with its owner. A little bit of knowledge can make all the difference in achieving the best possible outcome for everyone.

Securing a lost pet

If you come across a lost pet, it’s important to consider the safety of the pet, your safety and the public’s safety before you make any attempt to secure it. In a case where the animal is injured or defensive, it’s best to contact a local ranger immediately so that it can be professionally handled and taken for appropriate treatment. If the pet is loose on or near a road, you may need to warn motorists.

Where it is safe to do so, restrain the animal in a calm and cautious manner. You may need to call someone to assist you with a leash, blanket or animal carrier if you find the pet somewhere other than your home.

What to do next

Once the pet you have found has been secured, you may need to lodge a notification with your local council. Each state’s policies are different and may vary depending on the type of pet, so check your local government website for more information. If the animal remains in your care during this time, you will need to provide it with water and food appropriate to its species. Some foods are dangerous when consumed by different animals, so seek advice where appropriate.

You may also need to arrange a health check for the pet, even if it doesn’t have any visible injuries. If the animal is at your home and you have other pets, keep them separate in case of possible infection.

Finding the owner

In the best case scenario, the pet you have found will have a microchip registered with the correct details, easily allowing a vet or local pound officer to scan the microchip and contact the owner. If these details have not been updated or the pet has not been microchipped, and if the animal is not wearing any other kind of identification tag, then Lost Pet Finders can help.

The first step is to check the pet gallery to see if the owner has put out a lost pet alert. If the owner hasn’t registered the animal as lost, you can register it as found. Once this is done, Lost Pet Finders will get to work sending out alerts to an advanced Australian network of vets, pounds, shelters, volunteers and members of the general public through the website, SMS, telephone, email and social media. This facilitates the quickest and most effective chance of reuniting pet and owner.


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