Pet Alert Explained:


Reach out to your neighbours and local Pet Professionals! Time is of the essence!

Pet Alert

When setting up your Pet Alert your will be able to choose between a fixed search where you select the budget and we match it with the coverage areas or a custom search option where you can adjust the coverage areas manually. You can read more about how it works and the pricing HERE.



Alert Types

Phone recording preview:


*Actual phone message may differ as we refine the messaging service to deliver the greatest impact.



Once your Alert is queued for dispatch you will see it in your Account. The emails will go out immediately, the phone calls and the SMS will go out between 9am and 7pm. You will be able to track your Alert progress and will see when it is fully dispatched. You will also receive a receipt for your transaction with the list of Pet Professionals that you will be contacting with your Pet Alert for your records. Your pet will be posted on Facebook within a few hours and the post will be boosted to reach facebook users in the search area.



Please refer to our FAQ page or navigate to:


Onion"'Lost Pet Finders' helped give us peace of mind that there were local people keeping their eye out for Onion when he went missing last year. We were lucky enough to get him back within 72 hours and would highly recommend Lost Pet Finders.'"

Vicky & Onion

Oscar"He was successfully found a week later, much to our delight. Thanks"

Stephanie & Oscar

Leon"We were contacted by a neighbour within 40 minutes of the alert being sent out and reunited with our boy. A fantastic service I can't recommend enough!!!"

Rebecca & Leon

Ricco"I just wanted to say thank you for the quality services, for being reliable , quick and with affordable cost. Additionally with all of the Lost Pet Finders Members YOU are very kind and caring – There’s no word to express my appreciation. Thank You "

Ezza & Ricco

Nevil"Nevil was missing for a total of 7 weeks. During this time we used Lost Pet Finders as a tool in the search for Nevil.
Lost Pet Finders provides an invaluable service for owners of missing pets.
Not only did it aid in the search for Nevil but I also crossed referenced other information from other forms of social media to pass onto members on Lost Pet Finders if I thought there was a chance for them to re-unite with their pets.
Lost Pet Finders is a clear, easy to use site that in my opinion is one of the better sites out there on offer.
We are extremely happy and grateful for the service you provide."

Emily-Rose & Nevil

Charlee"Charlee is a loved female Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and was missing for 2 nights and 3 days. A woman who got a voice mail and a text message of an ad from the site called me saying that she could hear a cockatoo on Welwyn road near the Hebersham Primary School. I could hear her squawking and went outside to find her. I called out to her and she talked back. She was in a gum tree across the road as was very frightened and couldn't come down because of minor birds. My partner Justin climbed a ladder to try and get her. She got spooked and flew into another tree. We went into the other yard and she stepped up onto my arm. It was great to now that she still wanted to come home. The cuddles she is giving me shows how scared she was being alone for a few nights. Thanks to this amazing site in helping find my bird."

Denae & Charlee