Save Yourself Precious Time and Research: Use Lost Pet Finders to Locate Your Lost Cats in Perth

Your dog ran away during a walk, or your cat wandered off and didn't come back. You're worried about what might have happened to your beloved pet, and you are anxious to launch a search. But where do you start?

One of the first things you should do if you are looking for lost cats or dogs in Perth is to contact local veterinary offices, councils and pounds to see if your pet has been brought in. Sometimes, strangers will find animals they believe to be lost or without a home and take them to animal-related shelters or establishments to try to locate the owner.

The problem is, researching vets, councils, pounds and shelters in your area takes time. Contacting the people in charge of those establishments takes time. Driving out to their locations to see if a pet that meets your description takes time. When you are looking for a lost dog or lost cat in Perth, expending time on potentially fruitless efforts leads to increased stress, guilt and worry.

Use Lost Pet Alert to Save Time with Your Pet Search

At Lost Pet Finders, we want to help you find your lost cats or dogs in Perth, but we also want to help make the search process easier on you. We know how heartbreaking and worrying it is to lose a pet. We also know that you can't be in two different places at once and that executing a comprehensive pet search takes time. From making posters to speaking with neighbours to calling nearby vets to wandering around calling your pet's name, there are a lot of things that you surely want to do at this point. Deciding which of those things are most worth your time is difficult, to say the least.

If you are searching Perth for a lost cat or dog and you are starting to feel like you are spread too thin, count on Lost Pet Finders for a much-needed assist. We can take some of the pressure off of you at this difficult time. For instance, we already have a network of all the vets, councils and pounds in your area, so that you don't have to research them. Instead, with our Lost Pet Alert service, you can send out emails, SMS messages and phone calls to all of your area pet professionals. With those alerts sent, you can concentrate your time and efforts elsewhere.

Find Lost Cats Anywhere in Perth

One of the benefits of using our Lost Pet Alert is that we can help find your lost cat or dog virtually anywhere in Perth. Often, when pet owners are combing their areas and calling nearby pet professionals, they limit their vicinity. 'My cat or dog couldn't have gotten too far' is the standard assumption. However, if your pet is picked up on the street by a driver, it could end up 50-kilometres away from your home—if not farther. By using the Lost Pet Alert, you can notify a broader vicinity of pet professionals about your missing pet—just to have all your bases covered.

When you need help scouring Perth to find a lost cat or dog, just call Lost Pet Finders on 1300 725 640. We will do everything we can to reunite you with your furry best friend.