Parrot Rescue Centre

There is a major increase in the trend to own a parrot in Australia, as there seems to be a perceived view that a bird is an easy low maintenance companion pet.

The increase in demand of pet parrots is slowly flooding the market with unwanted pet parrots, as the associated care with owning a parrot can greatly out way that of owning a dog or cat. This is no longer one person or even one industry’s fault, but is a result of many of us forgetting that we remain responsible forever for what we have tamed.

Societies view of animals needs to change and there existence must no longer be based on “owning or dominating animals” or having animals as commodities, but must be about living together as one and giving these animals the respect and kindness they deserve by providing them a voice rather that a prison sentence.

The hundreds of inquiries received yearly regarding our programs demonstrate that there is an overwhelming need to provide continuing education and information to the public, the veterinary community and the Avicultural industry about the physical, psychological, social, environmental, medical and nutritional needs necessary to provide for the total well being of these highly intelligent, long-lived creatures “parrots”.

This statement is why the Parrot Rescue Centre now exists. We want to help provide the education for people and the support for the parrots that have lived a jailed life for so many years.

Lost Pet Finders continues to work closely with the Parrot Rescue Centre in the aim to reunite you with your lost parrot.



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