Find your Dog Before he is Sent to Pound in Melbourne

While the dog pound in Melbourne performs a valuable service to society, most pet owners would rather find their pets before the dog catchers do. Not only does a stay at the dog pound in Melbourne come at a significant cost, but your pet may also be traumatised by the experience. As if losing his or her owners was not enough trouble in one pet day.

At Lost Pet Finders we have developed a solution that works. Register your pet on our national database free of charge. If your pet gets lost, they will be listed on the website at no charge, and you and your friends will be able to share the listing at no cost. Should you wish to add a pet alert that goes out to local veterinarians, the council, animal rescue centres and the pet alert members in your area. Some of our users have found their lost friends within an hour of sending out an alert. Do take the time to call the dog pound in Melbourne on (03) 9329 2755, and visit them in person too – verbal descriptions are not always accurate.

Your notification will be shared to Facebook ensuring that your pet alert reaches as many individuals as possible, helping you to find your animal faster. The pet alerts FB post will be boosted to local users providing a reach of at least 1000 people. Emails are sent out immediately, while SMS and phone broadcast messages are sent out between 9 am and 7 pm. Additionally, the Lost Pet Register provides an interactive map showing the last known location, name and a recent image of your missing pet.

Don't hesitate: register your pet with Lost Pet Finders today. Click on the Join button and complete the convenient form.