Lost Pets Brisbane

Established in 2007 – we have had great success reuniting pets with their owners. This is because our revolutionary service contacts the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals and volunteers near you with the most precise and targeted message regarding your lost pets, Brisbane – as well as every other capital city and rural centres are included!

This is an Australian wide innovation in pet detective work.

Losing your pet is horrifying, scary, upsetting and distressing. It can distract you from equally as important aspects of your life and can also seem like nothing is happening.

We contact pounds, kennels, neighbours and other potential knowledge bearers with a targeted message from you with all of the required details so if anyone has seen or potentially will see your lost pet anywhere in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Cairns and several other towns in Queensland – you’ll be informed.

List your pet as lost for FREE with LFP today and get involved.


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