Lost Pet Detective

Is your pet missing? We can help

If your pet is missing, then we can help you find it fast. LPF pet detectives provide a service that allows you to target people who could have seen or may be holding your lost pet!

Our pet detective services enables you to upload the details of your pet and send a uniquely tailored alert to people or institutions that may have seen your pet – for example a vet, kennel, bird club or simply just one of your neighbours!

It doesn’t matter where your pet went missing from - with a custom geo-targeting for your area and targeting lost pets in all major cities and rural areas around Australia, there has never been a better resource to aid you in your search for your lost pet! Take advantage of the FREE service we offer and list your lost pet's details now to be put into contact with pet detectives!

We’ve developed a three-step process for finding your lost pet.

Step 1: Join Lost Pet Finders

Join Lost Pet Finders and upload a detailed description of your pet including:

  • Name
  • Age 
  • Colour              
  • Sex
  • Breed type
  • Distinctive markings

And any other relevant information that may help.

LPF TIP: Uploading a photo of your pet will increase the chances of it being found and identified correctly.

Step 2: Send a Pet Alert

When you send a Pet Alert we geo-target people in your area and contact them via SMS, Email or Phone. These include members of the public and trained pet professionals. The quicker you send your Pet Alert the more chance there is of finding your pet.

Step 3: Start your search

Lost Pet Finders recommends thoroughly covering your local area on foot using anything that might help attract your missing pet.


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