Create a Network of Hope with Our Lost Dog Register

It’s a series of fliers - all hastily crafted, their edges curled and their inks smeared from anxious fingers. You staple them across electrical posts and community billboards, manage to coax a few shopkeepers to place them in their windows. Each pleads for neighbours and strangers alike to find your lost dog. He disappeared two nights ago, leaving you fretting as you walk the streets. Your feet can only carry you for so long, however, and you eventually have to stop. This leaves countless miles still to search and far too little time.

Lost Pet Finders sends our condolences. We understand the worry you’re now facing, with all thoughts centred on your beloved dog. Allow us to ease those concerns, connecting you to a virtual network of supportive men and women. Redefine your search with our signature pet alerts, enabling you to target multiple areas and increase your chance of success.

For more than ten years, we've provided an invaluable service to Australia - with our lost dog register helping families reunite with their furry friends. Let us do the same for you now. To learn more contact us today via phone (1300-725-640).

Seeking Lost Dogs in Australia: Our Services

There is nothing more important than bringing your lost dog home. This is why we’ve developed an exclusive alert network, meant to provide you with the support you need. Our registry promises mass notifications, sending crucial details about your pet to key organisations (including local pounds, shelters, and veterinarians) and the general public. By blending email and networks together, we can ensure a wide local, regional, and even national reach.

Through this, we can help families reunite with their lost dogs. We offer rapid listings and geo-location technology, delivering all information with the greatest of precision. Through this, we can better respond to your needs - connecting you to an ever-expanding database of potential sources.

The Importance of Networking: Our Lost Dog Register

Seeking your lost dog is too great a challenge - with too many kilometres to explore and too many roads to take. You find yourself desperately circling his favourite paths, hoping they’ll lead him home; but this offers no guarantee. You need assistance.

We provide that support, with our lost dog register creating a massive network of keen-eyed men and women. They wish to aid you, and their efforts will prove all the difference - allowing for expansive targeting and a greater chance for a reunion. Your desire to post fliers is admirable, but that doesn't offer the same real-time (real-world) impact as our listings. Redefine your searches and enhance every effort.

Contact Lost Pet Finders Today to Join Our Register

Every day families face the concern of lost dogs and endless worry. Let us allay those fears, providing you with a targeted social service. To learn more join our network or contact us to request further information. We'll happily answer any questions and begin the listing process immediately.