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Let's find your lost dog, cat, bird or any pet together. Use the most efficient lost and found dog search in Adelaide and Australia to locate a missing dog or any other pet, or find owners of the dog you found. Search in a paricular suburb or Adalaide wide. New lost and found dogs listed every day!

Put your FREE ad up for a lost or a found dog anywhere in Adelaide, be it in Unley or Glenelg, Nailsworth or Norwood, or any other and get it exposted to hundreds of visitors every day. The listing has no time limit and will not get lost among hundreds of other lost dog posts or in the multitude of lost pet groups and pages on Facebook.

Lost dogs very often end up unreported to the council or animal control or even a vet, as people who find dogs are usually concerned about their wellbeing and the high impound fees that councils charge, which in some case prevent the owners from being able to claim their dog. However, the council's animal control should be and is the first place that a dog owner reports their missing dog to and checks on a regular basis. Adelaide vets can also help by scanning stray dogs for a microchip and contact the owner if their dog has been brought in.

However, if your dog's microchip fails to scan, or if your dog is not microchipped at all, you need to alert as many of the vets, shelters, pounds, and rescues in your area as you can so that they have a record of your lost dog and can identify it if the microchip is not found, or the details on it are outdated.

Notify Adelaide vets, pounds, councils, your neighbours and our private members about your missing dog in minutes with the help of our rapid notification system - Pet Alerts! Does it work? See our successes page.



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"Thanks Pet Finder, this is a great website and we got lots of calls from the local councils about finding dogs with similar discription. I am very relieved to finally be reunited with my dog."

- Chase & Mandeep, Angle Park SA


"Dusty was found safe and turned into the animal AWL, they then found her on your website and contact me. Thank you so much for this brilliant website. Dusty is very happy to be home and so are we."

- Dusty & Hilary, Normanville SA


Found dog