Keep Your Dog from Becoming a Lost Dog in Adelaide

We often depend on our dogs for companionship and even protection, but remember that it’s our job to protect them too. Dogs love to explore but can easily get themselves into trouble. Dogs can wander off, or sometimes people even steal them from their own yards, so take some precautions to ensure your pet stays safely at home.

Always Be Able to See Your Dog

The simplest way to keep your dog safe is to be able to see where he is all the time. Don’t assume that your dog is playing in your fenced-in yard. He could escape through an open gate, dig a hole under the fence, or be snatched by a criminal. When you walk your dog, never tie him up outside a coffee shop or other store and leave him unattended. He could chew through his leash, slip out of his collar, or, again, be stolen.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash at All Times

Even if you’re just letting your dog accompany you on a trip to the mailbox, keep him on a leash. A stray rabbit or squirrel could catch his eye, and he could dart off down the street (and into traffic). When you take your dog to an off-leash park or dog run, be sure that the area is completely enclosed, and make sure to use a good collar. This precaution keeps your dog from slipping out of it and is also an easy way for you to keep identification information on your dog at all times. Choose functional over fashionable when it comes to collars and leashes, and check the collar’s fit regularly. Make sure it hasn’t become too loose or too tight and that it hasn’t started to crack or fray.

Have Your Dog Microchipped

Microchipping is painless and provides a way for lost dogs in Adelaide to be identified and reunited with their owners. This way, even if your dog loses his collar, the microchip will still identify him as yours. Keep in mind that a microchip is not a substitute for a collar and ID tags. It’s much easier for someone who finds your dog to call the number on his tag.

Use Lost Pet Finders to Locate Your Adelaide Lost Dog

Sometimes, despite your best intentions and adherence to safety tips, your dog might become lost. Dogs are faster than people and sometimes too smart for their own good. If you do discover that your dog is missing, register him immediately on Lost Pet Finders. For over ten years, our free listing service has been helping owners find their lost dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets. We also offer an optional Pet Alert service that notifies vets, pounds, and neighbours in the area so they can all keep an eye out for your pet. Safety precautions such as leashes and microchips are always smart, but any of these items can fail. Give your dog the extra layer of protection he needs with Lost Pet Finders.