Lost Cats Sydney

Sometimes our kitties are known to wander a little further than they realise and as a result find themselves in new areas or being cared for by fellow concerned pet owners, kennels, vets, cat pounds or anywhere else a lost cat could be in Sydney.

More often than not a cat is known to return home after adventuring – perhaps it has found a new human friend who doesn’t mind sharing their tuna, and then is not sure of its way home, so the feeder will take it to a pound or vet.

It can be very time consuming and stressful ringing every single potential point of interest that may have knowledge regarding to your lost cat – especially with Sydney so densely situated with many places that may have this knowledge you seek.

Lost Pet Finders realises this issue with the search for your lost cat, and as such we have developed a service that allows you to write a customized post and inform the potential cat finders and cat detectives in your area, whether you be based in the Sydney city itself or a surrounding area, we know who you want to talk to – and we know you want the world to know that your cat is lost.

List your lost cat now for FREE and post about your lost cats breed, age, size, name and any other distinctive feature!


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