Lost Cat

A little more curious and adventuresome than their canine counter parts, our cats are known to run around and wander. The lost cats we have reunited with their owners is something we’re very proud of and so is our entire service.

Lost cats are less likely to be picked up by a stranger, as everyone knows and are unlikely to approach a stranger. A cat can be missing for several weeks which is why it is important to let as many people know in the area.

We are sure you are doing everything you can to find your lost cat and more, however, it may seem like nothing is working to the desired result. Here are a few reasons to consider why.

  1. Your cat is still locked in a shed or garage, including your neighbours, and no one has checked to see if your cat is there
  2. Your cat found a food source away from home and is not motivated to return home. Some people feed a lost cat delaying its return home
  3. If you recently moved, your cat may be making its way back to the old house. Even if it is miles away it may not stop your cat from trying
  4. Your cat may be too scared to come out of its hiding spot to be seen/approached by people, it may take days or even weeks for a cat to build up the courage to come out
  5. There may be a new cat or dog in the area that is chasing your cat away when it tries to return
  6. Your cat was at the pound but the chip scan failed. It may have been moved to a rehoming facility
  7. If your cat is not desexed, not microchipped and not wearing a collar it may give the impression that it is a stray and there is no owner to look for
  8. Compared to a dog, most people do not think of a cat as lost when they see one outside and alone
  9. Some councils do not always scan deceased pets for a chip or try to find the owners
  10. If the owner can not be identified a cat can be destroyed by animal control immediately

What can you do?

The best thing you can do is keep spreading the word about your missing cat every possible way:

  1. Do another round of flyer distribution and door knocking
  2. Ask your neighbours to check their sheds and garages again
  3. Time to re-visit the local pound and consider visiting the neighbouring council pounds as well
  4. Look at all cats recently found and those up for adoption, surrendered cats and bodies of deceased cats
  5. Consider issuing a Pet Alert
  6. Canvass the neighbourhood residents and pet professionals with emails, sms, and phone broadcast about your cat.
  7. Check your Facebook Comments on our website even if you are not on Facebook.
  8. Turn your Facebook post into an ad that reaches thousands of local Facebook users with our Facebook Boost option.
  9. Do another follow up with vets. The more you remind people about your cat the more likely they are to remember to call you

But most importantly, do not lose hope and keep searching. It is still early days as cats are known to come home after missing for weeks or even months. They are very resourceful and resilient creatures, and your cat needs you to keep looking!

We look to inform all of those in the area who have knowledge or are potentially keeping your lost cat, so that everyone with any knowledge will know you’re looking – and if it’s in their possession they’ll be able to return your lost cat quickly and safely.

We here at LFP have been doing this for close to 20 years and reunited thousands of people with their lost cats so take no longer and let us help you now!

Lost Cat 


You are not alone, there are many people willing to help you.

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