Travelling Safely with Pets and Where to Check Lost and Found Pets in Adelaide

Many pet parents travel with their pets, either because they want to or because they have to. Travelling with pets can be lots of fun, but it can also be stressful and even dangerous for your pet. That’s why it’s important to follow some ground rules to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for everyone. For starters, no matter where you’re going or how you’re getting there, make sure your pet is microchipped and is wearing a collar and identification tag with your contact information on it. Then keep the following safety tips in mind.

Travelling by Car

There’s more to taking your pet on a road trip than just loading him into the car and taking off. Especially if you will be driving a long way, some preparation is essential to keep your pet safe and comfortable on the road. Well before your trip, take your pet on a series of short drives to help him get acclimated to being in the car. Use a crate or secure carrier that is well-ventilated and roomy enough for your pet with plenty of space to move around. If you don’t use a crate, at least keep your pet in the back seat secured with a pet harness attached to a seatbelt. Bring plenty of supplies: food, water, leash, toys, plastic bags, medication, a first-aid kit, and vaccination records. Just as when you are at home, avoid leaving your pet alone in a parked car. Leaving a pet alone in a closed, parked vehicle can spell disaster in both hot and cold weather.

Travelling by Plane

It’s best to avoid taking a pet on board a plane unless absolutely necessary. If you must, try to book a direct flight to minimise the risk of your pet becoming lost during a layover. Use a secure shipping crate, and tape a small bag of dry food to the outside of it so that airline personnel can feed him if he becomes hungry during a layover. Freeze a dish or tray of water the night before you leave; that way, it won’t spill during loading but will be melted and available for drinking later. Close the crate door securely but don’t lock it; this allows airline personnel access to your pet in case of an emergency. Mark the crate clearly with the words “live animal” along with your name and contact information, and carry a photo of your pet with you.

Adelaide Lost and Found Pets at Lost Pet Finders

A lost and found for a pet in Adelaide is a valuable tool when your pet goes missing. Lost Pet Finders offers free listings on our website and a Pet Alert service that targets vets, pounds, and neighbours. We’ll also create Facebook posts and provide you with resources and tips for locating your lost pet. Pet Alert turns your passive listing into a virtual flyer with details about your lost pet that we’ll deliver to hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. Our database is open to the public, so even individuals who don’t want to register or don’t use Facebook can help find your pet. If your pet becomes lost – on the road or at home – let us help you find him.