Why Cats Become Lost and Where to Turn for Lost and Found Cats in Perth

Cats are creatures of habit and rather territorial, so we can usually let them roam outdoors and be confident that they’ll come back home. Once in a while, though, an outdoor cat suddenly vanishes. When this happens, it means that something has interrupted his routine of returning home. It’s important to understand the most common reasons outdoor cats become lost so that you’ll know how and where to search should your cat ever fail to come home.

They become injured or sick.

Cats who have access to the outdoors run the risk of being injured in numerous ways, such as by dogs, other cats, predators, and vehicles. They can become ill after ingesting poison or due to a natural reason such as kidney failure or some type of infection. A sick or injured cat’s natural instinct is to hide to stay safe from predators. These cats often retreat to a familiar location such as under a porch or house, so be sure to look in these places if your cat becomes lost.

They can’t come home because they are trapped.

Curious cats wander into places they shouldn’t. They crawl through open windows and doors, into sheds and basements, and into parked vehicles. If the owner comes and secures the building or vehicle, the cat becomes trapped. Cats can also climb trees (or be chased up trees) or even onto rooftops and be unable to or afraid to climb down.

They are accidentally transported somewhere else.

If your cat crawls into an open vehicle, he risks being driven out of his territory. Or he may climb into a box or other container that is then carried and transported out of the area. These cats may end up being accidentally driven across town – or across the country.

They are intentionally displaced.

There are some cases in which someone will intentionally remove a cat from its territory and release him in another area – think apartment managers, neighbours who hate cats, or scorned ex-lovers. Neighbours who don’t like free-roaming cats sometimes set humane traps to catch them; sometimes, they take the cats straight to the nearest animal shelter. Other times, the neighbour just releases the cat in another area of town.

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