Local Government Pounds and Rangers in Victoria


In Victoria there are many government pounds and rangers spread across the state. Searching for your lost pet can be quite daunting. Who should you contact and how far away should you look?

We here at Lost Pet Finders have made the process simple - in 3 easy steps we can notify the relevant pet professionals and even the households in the areas you select within minutes. That way you can spend the critical time focusing on looking for your pet.

Some pounds will only hold a pet for 3 days so you don't have long.

Start now.

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Found a Lost, Stray or Injured Animal?

Found a lost or stray cat or dog?

If the cat or dog is injured, take it straight to the closest vet.
Otherwise, contact your local council, and ask to be put through to the 'animal management' or 'local laws' section. If you do not know the contact details for your local council, you can find them on the Department of Planning and Community Development website.
Your Council will instruct you on what to do next (e.g. whether they will collect the animal, whether you need to bring it into the pound, or whether it needs to be trapped).
Council will need to check the animal for identification – either a collar and registration tag, or a microchip. If identified, council will be able to notify the owner.
If the animal is unidentified, Council will impound it for a period of time to give an owner the chance to reclaim it.
If the animal is not owned or reclaimed, and you wish to adopt it, your council can advise you on how to go about this.
Note that the legislation requires you to notify the local council within 24 hours of finding a lost or stray cat or dog. If you do not contact the local council to inform them you have an unowned / lost animal, you can be fined.

Excerpt from Victoria DEPI Website


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