Local Pounds and Shelters in QLD

Brisbane Pound Shelters

If you’ve found what appeared to be a lost pet in the past, chances are that after you held on to it for some time and conversed with those around you the general consensus would have been that the smartest decision would be to take them to the local shelters, vets or some other association.
If your pet has gone missing recently and it has been more than a day or two, most pets are found and taken to the Brisbane pound or Brisbane animal shelter – depending on where they originally were reported lost from and how far they were able to roam, knowing which pound or vet or even just plain who to call can be daunting and time consuming

Our service allows you to send out a customised message to the important players in the area, these are vets, breeders, local users and everything in between.

List your pet for free now and let us help you reunite with your pet as soon as possible!

Animal Shelters in Queensland

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